J&S Watkins Cheesecakes
Our 10-inch New York style cheesecakes (each weighing approximately 5 pounds) come pre-sliced in 16 portions. All our cheesecakes are made with the finest ingredients available, and the flavors are mixed throughout for a full-bodied taste. Each cheesecake is topped with our delectable cream cheese and sour cream topping.

Many of our desserts are available in our store for purchase in 1/2 and 1/4 portions in addition to our full cake/cheesecake/pie/torte. Different flavors can be combined for custom samplers for your enjoyment. Please call or visit our store for pricing and availability.



All whole cheesecakes are $37. Prices subject to change based on current market pricing.


Old Fashioned Plain

A lightly lemon flavored filling


French Vanilla

Creamy Vanilla Filling - a classic



Creamy filling laced with strawberry liquer


Red Rasberry

Luscious raspberry and raspberry liqueur filling


Caramel Apple

SEASONAL- Our luscious filling is a hearty combination of apples, spices, and Applejack Liquor


Chocolate Kahlua

Velvety chocolate and Kahlua 


Lemon Blueberry

SEASONAL- Maine blueberries and lemon on a spongecake crust


Fudge Marble

Fudge sauce swirled through a creamy vanilla filling


Eggnog Rum

SEASONAL - Myers Dark Rum and eggnog for the holiday


Cranberry Walnut

SEASONAL - Fresh crushed cranberries, walnuts and cranberry liqueur


Pumpkin Spice

SEASONAL - Creamy pumpkin and spices


Famous Cheesecake Sampler

Four quarters of our most popular cheesecake flavors, four slices each of Chocolate Kahlua, Old Fashioned Plain, Fudge Marble, and Red Raspberry  $41.


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